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18. Aug 2017 at 17:20
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Gavin Harrison Vic Firth Signature Model (review) (Read 1238 times)
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Gavin Harrison Vic Firth Signature Model (review)
08. Feb 2012 at 21:15
Being a drummer and a fan of Gavin, I had to get his new sticks just to try 'em out.
I normally play X5A vic grips, so my analysis is heavily based on comparing these two stick sizes.
The X5A are 5A size sticks with extra reach and vic grip, they are amazing. The Gavin's are about the size of the ROCK model, but they have a tapered tip, vic grip and a bit more reach than the ROCK stick.
The Gavins are powerful sticks, you can feel it and hear it in the cymbals and toms. They are also heavy, and for someone like me using 5A, you can definitely feel your hands getting more of a work out. My hands aren't the size of Gavin's and I'm a lightweight compared to him, so these sticks are pretty big for someone of my size.
The tapered tip is really nice, it feels great on the ride....it hits really solid and I feel like it has less rebound than your average stick, which I like. The extra reach is also great, I like sticks with a long reach...that's why I use the X5As, the Gavins have a bit more reach though.
Overall they are great sticks, if they could make a 'skinny' model with a smaller diameter I would be all over them, but they are for Gavin and not for me. With that said, I think these sticks would be great for those with large hands and have the power/mass to enjoy these sticks.
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