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18. Aug 2017 at 02:21
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Access Denied (Read 693 times)
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Access Denied
04. Jan 2012 at 02:36
I have been unable to access this site since Dec 21 until now. I got the screen saying "you are being taken to PTF", then when I clicked on the link below (or waited the requisite 10 seconds), nothing happened.  
Typically the status message at the bottom read "waiting for http://porcupinetreeforum.com/woopra-ns.pl or something like that. A few times it said "waiting for ajax.cloudflare.com".  
emails to Mr Labcoat were returned as undeliverable.
I had no problems accessing any other Internet sites, and repeated reboots, deletion of cookies etc did not help.
Today, for no apparent reason (unless last night's massive thunderstorm had anything to do with it), I can access the forum again, and looking at the posts it's clear that it has not been down. Did anyone else experience the problem? Any ideas what happened?
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