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20. Aug 2017 at 04:57
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R4i Karte (Read 1400 times)
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R4i Karte
14. Dec 2011 at 15:34
How to update r4i gold non 3ds card?    
hello readers:i scarceness to to update my r4i gold non 3ds card. the a woman released b4 the r4i gold 3ds card. it works on my 3ds though. now i updated my 3ds to v.2.1.0-4u my r4i gold car-card doesnt work. what should i do?I blueprint on buying an R4i gold easter card appropriate for me and my brothers DSi, but I don't recollect what website to buy it from. I from been checking3ds card
 noticeably many times, but I'm in any case not unshakable if they are earnest so if someone can ratify that they are that would mitigate, or if there are any other websites that you recognize convey title real ones. r4 karte für dsi
I've seen the videos on youtube that r4i gold working on dsi with firmware variety 1.43. But the mistrust is I eat is how highly does it work? I scantiness to originate sure.    
Does the R4i Gold 3DS for the DSi actually work? Where can I buy the R4i gold card only? r4i dsi      http://www.r4i-ds.de/r4i-dsi-karte.html
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