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19. Aug 2017 at 06:31
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"I Drive the Hearse" Beatles reference? (Read 8023 times)
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Re: "I Drive the Hearse" Beatles reference?
Reply #25 - 20. Jan 2012 at 12:40
I am not necessarily wanting to contradict anybody here who cites similarity with certain PT songs, or parts thereof, with parts of certain Beatles song...
I often think, when I see such-and-such a piece of music described as "Slightly Beates sounding", all it really means is that the music sounds more typical of the mid to late 1960s than other periods. The Beatles were the most successful, and one of the most influential, bands of that period, but there were hundreds of other artists around. It's my guess that many reviewers are simply not as familiar with other music that existed alongside the Beatles, or perhaps they don't expect their readers to be familiar.
Sometimes I can almost hear the writers' brains ticking over: "It's clearly not influenced by Hendrix or Cream or proto-metal bands like Black Sabbath, so it must be taking its inspiration from The Beatles."
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Porcupine Field
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Re: "I Drive the Hearse" Beatles reference?
Reply #26 - 22. Jan 2012 at 22:35
Even if what you just said above is true, if something is slightly beatles sounding, doesnt change the fact its STILL slightly Beatles Sounding haha.
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