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20. Aug 2017 at 04:50
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Links to downloads - IMPORTANT PLEASE READ (Read 3059 times)
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Links to downloads - IMPORTANT PLEASE READ
03. Apr 2007 at 23:29
After someone posted a link to illegally download tracks from FoaBP on here yesterday we feel that the message still isn't getting through to some forum users - links to illegal download sites or 'You Send It' links are NOT allowed here. Obviously this message isn't getting through to the few people who continue to do this. In future anyone posting a direct link such as this will be banned from this forum. This is not negotiable.
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Re: Links to downloads - IMPORTANT PLEASE READ
Reply #1 - 27. Sep 2008 at 14:03
BUT on porcupinetree.com there is now a link to legally (pay for and) download their back catalogue in FLAC!!! Yay! And there was much rejoicing...
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