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18. Aug 2017 at 08:03
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New Feature: Reputation (Read 1322 times)
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New Feature: Reputation
10. Feb 2007 at 22:12
Today we have introduced a new Reputation feature on the PTF. With this new system, members can award points to other members for good deeds or general pleasantness, or they can take them away...
This is how it works:
Every member has a 'Reputation score'. This starts at 0. You can see your own and other members reputation scores under Profile and underneath the post count in threads.  
Red '-' and green '+' buttons appear on either side of members reputation score. By clicking the green '+' you can award points or use the red '-' to take away points!
If you click on either of the buttons, the score is adjusted and you can enter a note to say why you have awarded points or taken them away.
All members can click on the number itself, which will take you to an overview of that members awards. In the top right of that list is a 'Reputation Top/Flop overview'. Clicking this will display the 100 highest and lowest ranking members.
Because this system could easily be abused we are running it for a trial period.
Let you know what you think of this system!
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Re: New Feature: Reputation
Reply #1 - 11. Mar 2007 at 18:52
The Reputation system has been removed from the forum due to abuse.
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