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18. Aug 2017 at 08:03
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Last 10 Users List (Read 761 times)
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Last 10 Users List
17. Feb 2006 at 12:12
Today, we have introduced some new code that implements a list of the last 10 users on the forum. You'll find this in the Info Center at the bottom of the Forum main page. It seems to be working well, although we have discovered a problem with the code for uses of Safari on Mac OS X (and other browsers based on the Apple WebKit, such as OmniWeb). This causes avatars not to be resized properly. We are looking into this problem and hope to be able to fix it soon...
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Mr Labcoat
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PTF Administrator

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Re: Last 10 Users List
Reply #1 - 17. Feb 2006 at 15:28
Mr Labcoat informs me that he has fixed this problem.
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